Da Local Boy

How long have you and your family lived in the Chicago area? 

Since 2021

How has being a part of the AAPI community impacted your career as a Restaurateur?

We have met many amazing people who embraced and welcomed us open heartedly and till this day our relationship is stronger

How do you envision your relationship with customers, both those who are a part of the AAPI community and those who are not? 

We wanted to make sure we share our vision of sharing our Aloha to both those who are a part of the AAPI community and those who aren’t. We wanted to make sure we have a long lasting relationship.. To reach that goal, we wanted to show them what Aloha and Ohana is all about in our team. We want to ensure they feel welcome and try to know them. Being a part of the AAPI community, we also want to make sure more of us are reached and have access to. A community of AAPI in the northern suburbs that we can easily reach out to for any type of support for one another. The more people who become a part of this amazing community we can build a stronger foundation for everyone. As it is important to have a great foundation of community that sees the same vision of what AAPI is all about.

What are some future goals you wish to achieve for your restaurant? 

We are hoping to reach out to more new customers and retain old customers. In addition, we would like to portray more of our Hawaiian and Asian Fusion Cuisines. We also would like to expand to a bigger location.

What is your restaurant’s signature dish? 

Poke Nachos, Mochiko Chicken

What dish would you recommend to new customers? 

For those who do not like seafood, mochiko chicken is our best one. It is a bite size fried chicken tossed in our sweet n savory sauce topped with house aioli and furikake. But for seafood lovers, we make authentic poke bowls, and lots of seafood specials to check out.